WCIF mag rules [updated 24/4 2012]

  • We host primarily buy / build mode WCIF. You can ask for fashion / hair / accessories WCIF - we are just not all that good at it.

  • Label your thread properly: Issue X “Name of the article" if its older than Issue 19 OR "Name of the article" for Issues after 19
    ex: Issue 19 “ Anke and Balla on Assignment". OR "Anke and Balla on Assignment"

  • Post your request in the appropriate Issue section: Issue 22, for example

  • Always add a picture to your WCIF request, this way it is easier for us to see what you want.
    This is the ONLY area in which we allow direct linking (hot linking) to the images in the magazine.
    If you can not be bothered to find a picture, then we can't be bothered to help you.

  • Items from one article = one topic
    Not 1 topic per page or per person asking for something.
    To make it easier for other people to find what they are looking for, we ask you to only ask for stuff from one article per topic. If you are looking for something from three different articles, then you start three topics. That way, if other people are looking for things from the same article, they can ask in that topic as well.

  • Number the items you're looking for
    1. lamp
    2. sofa

  • If you are looking for something from an article that is already started, then please post in the topic and not in a new topic.

  • Hijacking is not only allowed but encouraged: It is ok to for other people to ask for another item from the picture...
    ex: where can I find that yummy pattern on the pillows in the topic where they are looking for the pillows

  • Do not ask for more than 10 items per post, and state clearly what they are.

  • When you answer a WCIF request, please provide a link.

  • When your WCIF has been answered, please add [FOUND] next to the objects you are looking for. Please also add the link to the item next to it.

  • Topics where everything has been found are not moved. They are still open so others can ask for more stuff from the same article

  • Last but not least, be patient! Give it a week for our forum members to find what you want.
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How to post images for the WCIF Magazine section.

We are very strict on Hot Linking here on the forum but one place that you may do it is in the WCIF Magazine section. This means you may directly link to the images used in the Magazine for your post.
If you are looking for items from the same image someone else has already posted you may skip inserting a image in your post. UNLESS your post is on the next page or there are more than one image in the original post.

Step 1. Find the image you want and right click it. Select "Copy Image Location"

[Image: 2zxm3ki.png]

Step 2. Go to your reply and click the insert image box at the top.

[Image: 315o1dy.png]

Step 3. Right click the address bar and paste in the image address from the magazine. Click okay.

[Image: 33clo5s.png]

Step 4. 1. Put a link to the page where you found your image at the bottom. This helps if for some reason your image isn't working in the post.
2. Post what you are looking for in LIST form either under or above your image. Please be clear about what you are looking for.

[Image: 24cxraq.png]

Step 5. Hit preview to make sure you have done everything correctly. Your Post should look something like this.

[Image: t7ejdi.png]

If all looks good hit post reply and you are done!
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