Rules Challenge and Contest Rules
All contests are hosted by the magazine, we do not allow regular members to run contests. There are other really good forums that focus on that. Our contests always have a prize of some sort and the winners will be announced in the topic and on the front page of the website. Some contest pictures also make it into the magazine.

Challenges are not contests:
Challenges are fundamentally different than contests, because they have no winners. The idea with our challenges is to present new ideas, let people improve their skill level and generally have fun decorating and building for the Sims.

Challenge rules:
  • Follow the rules posted in the challenges
  • No borders, text, manipulated or special effects on the pictures.
    Exception - unless specified in the challenge rules.
  • Please stay on topic
  • You may enter all challenges as many times as you like
  • Follow the general forum rules
  • State which game you are using. TS2, TS3, TS4
  • If a challenge is in the "Open Challenges" section, then it is open and you may enter it.

Challenges pictures might end up in the magazine
We often use challenge pictures in the magazine, so if you post pictures in the challenges, we will assume that you are willing to let us use your pictures. All pictures we use are of course credited to the creator of the picture in the magazine. If you for some reason do not want us to use your challenge pictures, please put that in your signature.

Challenge requirements:
  • All challenges has to be open for both Sims 2, 3 & 4 so they have to be doable in all games.
  • All challenges has to focus on the build and/or decorating aspect of the game. We do not allow the hosting of modelling challenges or contests.
  • If you want to host your own challenge please post the challenge in the "New Challenges waiting for approval" section for staff approval. Here you will also find more info on hosting a challenge.
  • Read more about hosting a challenge in the rules found here

Closed because of inactivity:
All challenges get closed after they have been open for 3 months. If the challenge was very popular a new version of the challenge will be posted.
If a challenge becomes inactive it will get closed. A Challenge is considered inactive after 30 days with no new posts. If you are interested in taking part in a challenge that has been inactive fore some time, post that you are working on it in the topic, otherwise it might close before you get around to posting your pictures.

Maximum number of open challenges
We allow 10 challenges* to be open at any time. You can see below if you may open a new challenge.

*not counting Challenge me to or Contests
Received Awards:
If you want to host a new challenge, then we are open for ideas. You can post a topic in the New Challenges area with your ready for opening challenge. A moderator will then look it over, if it fits our profile and follow the challenge rules, then it will be moved to open challenges.
Make sure to read the rules for hosting challenges
Received Awards:

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