Mixing Scandinavian: Gustavian style
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The Swedish interior style known as Gustavian style takes it inspiration from the Swedish court of the 1700s which was strongly inspired by French court style at that time. The style is elegant and light. Some decorate their entire home in this style, while other mix it up with clean lined modern furniture with stunning effect.

"Swedish Gustavian interior decor style dates back to the 1770s when the future King Gustav III returned home from the French court of Versailles. Inspired by what he had seen there, he created his own “Paris of the North.” The resulting Gustavian style is a pared-back version of French rococo with neoclassical influences. The style, kown for its simplicity and muted pale colors, is still very popular."

Key elements:
Light antique or wannabe antique furniture
Light worn wood
Wooden floors
Panels and mouldings
Non-dominating fabrics
Few green plants but fresh flowers

Dusted/muted light pastels

Style overview
Charateristics with example pictures

I would like for you to familiarize yourself with the different themes that can be used to create this design. Take inspiration from the information provided and recreate it in your game. Share with us your photos.

*Please keep your photos limited to 10 per post.

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