Rules Signatures - DO's & DONT's
Signature rules
  • Your signature can be no more then 800x200 pixels (including text). We prefer them smaller then this.
  • The maximum allowed file size 250 kb anything bigger slows the forum down too much.
  • Signature links must be Sim related; we are a Sims forum after all!
  • We do not allow overly dominating (no animations, no flashing, no glitter, no bright or neon colors). We allow you to have small signatures but we do not want every topic to turn into a signature circus.

Advise on signatures
  • Do not make a signature that would be over-shadow pictures posted in the topic
  • You do not need to have a signature
  • Text works very well in signatures
  • Neon, flashing, animated glitter or glowing is not allowed
  • You may use smileys in your signature, but please do not go overboard
  • Smaller signatures are better than big ones
  • Look at your post after you are done. If your signature stands out more than your pictures then it is probably over dominating.
  • If your post is very short, consider turning of your signature off. : [Image: UntickSignature.png]

Allowed size
[Image: example0.jpg]

Examples of good signatures
[Image: example1.jpg]

[Image: example3.jpg]

[Image: example4.jpg]

[Image: example5.jpg]

[Image: example6.jpg]

[Image: example8.jpg]

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Examples of bad signatures
A moderator would ask you to take these down if it were your signature

[Image: example2.jpg]
This one is overly dominating with neon colours that takes the attention away from any other image posted in the topic

[Image: example9.jpg]
The same goes for this one

[Image: example7.gif]
Even small animations are not allowed (smilies not included)
[Image: logo-small.png][Image: PinkRabit-logo-2.jpg][Image: logo_small.gif]

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