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Triple Trouble: Round 1 [Closed - Results published]
so this is my second post ever. but thought i would take part in this contest. haha.
i wanted to try make the room quite masculine, so had the idea that Ned made/bought the furniture when they first moved into their country house and they brought everything from that house.

sorry about the poor photographs was hard to take them in the tiny space. seeing that it is my first post i should probably put this Heidy would love feedback.

[Image: jptxkn.png]

[Image: 2nlbbxe.png]

[Image: f1fc6s.png]

[Image: 25rpevo.png]

[Image: e8r8tz.png]

[Image: 28p15x.png]

[Image: vnm26g.png]

[Image: 14b24ua.png]

[Image: zwnloz.png]

[Image: 2afh0eh.png]
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aneck: Your room is feels very realistic and old-fashioned. Perfect for an elderly couple from Riverview.

KatCat: I love your bedding & that you included all those toys & the suitcases under the bed.

admiralxapple: Simple & elegant. I approve. Yes Your bed looks very inviting.

PhoenixFire: I love how you included dashes of chocolate brown in your room, as this is the only shade of brown I actually like. giggle

kiki264: I really like your wallpaper. It makes the room very fresh and springy looking.

clarkkent: Your room is just perfect. So creative & stylish. Inlove I hope to see more of your pics in this forum soon. As to Heidy - 1. Please add a blank line between your pics, so that the other members can appreciate your work more. 2. I find the 3rd pic, a bit confusing & had to stare at it at least a minute to grasp what it is showing. (Although, this also could be because it is monday morning here & I'm not really awake yet. Coffee )
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Aneck You used alot of pattern but you still made it work. The couple would love this!

KatCat You also used alot of patterns but also made it work. Love the wallshelfs you used in the corners of the rooms, nice touch!

Admiralxapple That is a very serene room. love your use of patterns, also it has a bit of a beachy feel to is, very lovely.

Poenixfire Gosh I just love the light in your pictures, makes it very romantic.

Kiki264 Dont be afraid, you did well! I love that you chose to bright colors to use. And they match very well.

ClarkKent I love the used bed you chose. Also the white accents make the room look bigger, well done!
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Carol and Ned had just finished with their new bedroom, and the next morning Carol took up little Edward for a cuddle while his two sisters still slept, giving their parents a rest that Saturday morning. She surveyed the room happily, remembering the times spent in Riverview. A lot of the furniture in their old place had been sold in the sale, but the two chairs that were at the side of the room, with the two box drawers were things that they just couldn't let go of. The barbie doll kit that Carol had been given as a child and Carol's knitting rested on top, and various bits and pieces were stored neatly inside the boxes. Hanging above the two chairs were a shelf and the welcome sign that had been outside their house in Riverview.

[Image: Screenshot-11-1.jpg]

In the alcove next to the doors to the hallway and the ensuite bathroom were individual chests of drawers, little knick knacks on top, a couple of small paintings above each one.

[Image: Screenshot-1.jpg]

The two of them had found lovely bedside tables, either side of their bed, with Carol's spare teeth on the shelf, and Ned's pills for his hayfever were next to his water, his earplugs on his shelf (Carol snores like a pig according to him, and he's not deaf so can't block it out!). Hanging above the two bedside tables were a couple of victorian style sillhouettes of children's heads, Ned and his sister were the original models, but his sister died when she was a child, so Ned kept them both. There was also a couple of hearts above Carol's bedside, while a painting of the River Simoman hung above Ned's bedside table.

[Image: Screenshot-12.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-5-1.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-4.jpg]

The view from Carol's side of the bed looked out to the bay, she liked waking up to the sight of the sparkling waters of the ocean. At the end of the bed was a table which had a pile of books on it, as well as a breakfast tray that Ned had brought up earlier that morning, as well as their old wireless, and a bowl of apples. On the wall at the end of the bed hung a collection of china plates, a few paintings, and an antique clock, as well as the old TV that was mounted on the wall.

[Image: Screenshot-9-1.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-2.jpg]

Carol smiled to herself, crooning to the sleepy toddler in her arms, and listened to her husband as he pottered about in the bathroom. It sounded like he was brushing his teeth, so was probably getting ready to go potter in the garden. They had found some lovely old fashioned fixtures, including a porcelain bathtub, and a couple of victorian style bathroom cabinets, which they had painted white to suit an english country cottage more.

[Image: Screenshot-6-1.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-7-1.jpg]

And finally, an overview of the two rooms:

[Image: Screenshot-8-1.jpg]

Heidy please!

Heidy Pagan, tarot reading, final fantasy obsessed sims player... Pleased to meetcha! Heidy
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I haven't had time to comment on all the entries the past few days but you're all doing such an amazing job! Clap

I figured I'd play along so here's my entry.

[Image: contest2_round1_01.jpg]

The bathroom. I went with a shower because elderly bones have problems getting in and out of bathtubs giggle

[Image: contest2_round1_02.jpg]

[Image: contest2_round1_03.jpg]

And the bedroom.

[Image: contest2_round1_04.jpg]

[Image: contest2_round1_05.jpg]

[Image: contest2_round1_06.jpg]

[Image: contest2_round1_07.jpg]

[Image: contest2_round1_08.jpg]

[Image: contest2_round1_09.jpg]
[Image: 2gui1yh.png]
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Well I just caught up with all of this since I have been away and I must say I am very impressed! You have all done a wonderful job Clap

Dee I love the colors you used and the angle of your shots! Awesome job
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Everyone's entries are so amazing, I don't want to post mine! It's not as good as I would like, but then again it never is. I'll try to comment on everyone's entries in the next few days (my mom is having surgery tomorrow, so it may take me a while).

[Image: Round10.jpg]

View from the door:
[Image: Round11.jpg]

From the bed:
[Image: Round12.jpg]

Back toward the door:
[Image: Round13.jpg]

Carol's mending:
[Image: Round14.jpg]

Picture of the bed:
[Image: Round15.jpg]

Silhouettes (how funny that many of us used these). I know the triplets aren't technically old enough for these to be them, but I'm pretending. Bigsmile
[Image: Round16.jpg]

Bathroom from the door:
[Image: Round17.jpg]

Bathroom back towards the door:
[Image: Round18.jpg]

View in the mirror:
[Image: Round19.jpg]

As always, Heidy
[Image: Affiliatebuttonmedium.jpg]
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Everyone else's entires are beautiful, makes me kinda nervous to post mine ^^;;



[Image: 2dhsc5z.png]


[Image: 23wn18i.png]

[Image: vgq6f.png]

[Image: 10fwcgk.png]

[Image: eo9pi.png]

[Image: m79v01.png]

[Image: 23wtw8o.png]
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Viewing all these AMAZING entries, I kinda got ashamed for not giving this room a little bit more work. So I went back there, and added some more deco, and now I'm really satisfied with it.
My entry
I hope you like it better too!!! Happy


OMG... I've just been trough all the entries and they are FANTASTIC. I've got like a million WCIF questions!!!!
So much beautiful content (drool)!!!!! It's going to be a tough one for the judges...
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Hello everyone, I am in this forum for couple of months but this is going to be my very first entry. I wanted to participate in the contest and I have prepared this room.

[Image: 70846221.jpg]

I tried to use the couples favourite color pearl and also I have used brown in the wooden textures. Moreover, I have used blues, purples and oranges to give a more colorful apperance.

[Image: 83517633.jpg]

[Image: 56785195.jpg]

[Image: 42221282.jpg]

This picture is to show the detail of the vanity desk and the curtains.

[Image: 46577641.jpg]

Now this is the bathroom, I like using sea related colors and objects in baths, but since it is a cottage bathroom, I used patterns with roses and objects reflecting this style.

[Image: 30973306.jpg]

and more bathroom pics Wink

[Image: 62334453.jpg]

[Image: 61999957.jpg]

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