Building Slanted Windows
(04-14-2011, 08:26 PM)alexpilgrim Wrote: I hope this helps:

Build a room with one wall three tiles away from the edge, and place a stretch of wall along the edge where you want your windows to be (the part of the slanted window that is attached to the wall is the bottom part)
[Image: Screenshot-5.jpg]

Place the roof (sorry, I know this kind of roof has a name but I can't remember right now), please take into account that this roof needs to be at least as wide or one tile wider than it is deep. At least 4x3 should be a good size. Don't change the slope of this roof since it matches the slope of the windows.
[Image: Screenshot-6.jpg]

Place the windows. To place them next to the roof you will need to use the "moveobjects on" cheat. If the window doesn't "pierce" the wall (I mean, if you have the window placed but the wall is still there) grab it slightly with the hand tool and release it straight away, it should be OK. Once your windows are placed turn "moveobjects off"
[Image: Screenshot-7.jpg]

Cover the top floor with a flat roof or floor tiles, you can add a roof or another story to your building later.
[Image: Screenshot-8.jpg]

Delete the stretch of wall that is next to the top part of the windows.
[Image: Screenshot-9.jpg]

There you are! Smile
[Image: Screenshot-10.jpg]

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I once did this the exact same way! Everything worked fine, sim could walk there, blabla. BUT Wait when it turned autumn in game, the floor got this white colour and started to freeze  Rofl Itwasntme I was pretty annoyed then Crying
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