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I am very curious, and I hope I am not the only one who wonders, why you chose your username. So I thought I would start this thread.

I chose my username because I had originally wanted to name myself Bitter Sweet Symphony, which has to be one of my favorite songs. Then I thought maybe that is just too long and shortened it to Bitter Sweet. I'm also a bit of an English nut, even if I write as though I only have a third grade understanding. Plays on words, oxymoron, homonyms, homophones; you name the word oddity and I am probably in love with it. So there is the short and long of it; or my username in a nutshell.
"It is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not" -- André Gide
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Oh this is a cute idea Smile

Even though I used my real first name together with the name of my TS1 & TS2 site (Una of Comhair), with TS2 I started to play Sims of the Japanese rock band Nightmare (my avatar is of the singer of said band). Japanese write the English word like this ナイトメア * in Katakana (vowel and consonant rather than word based writing system for non-Japanese words) and it is pronounced Naitomea. So basically I'm Nightmare_Sims Smile

*if you can't read this, don't worry, you just don't have the Asian language pack for Windows installed
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Originally, my username of choice was Morfhead. I chose that, because it was unique and NO ONE had it at any site I went too. After awhile of using it though, some people starting copying me, and it was being used. So I used Morphead as a back-up. Or simply when I forgot the password to Morfhead, like at MTS. I chose Morphead here, because I started getting know at MTS by this one, and didn't want confusion.
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Mh.... because i love Unicorns? And what is better than a Ninja Unicorn? giggle

I just love names who remain in the memory... and im really a pretty unicorn- addict... you don´t understand? Then look here:

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Hey Bitter Sweet, I also like the song Bitter Sweet Symphony, so nice choice.
Mine was a default password given to me by Yahoo many years ago. I started using it because it's unique and easily remembered.

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My user name was chosen because I like to play the Sims a lot. Recently though someone ask me did I come up with the name because of "Camelot". I like that the name has two different meanings.
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Aw, darn, I'm so deadly boring! Sandy is my name, and ATS is the acronym for my Sims site (Around The Sims). *rolleyes*

Love your comic, Ninja Unicorn! It's to die for! giggle
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Well, I started using the name mrmisconception at some skeptic websites that I go to and that was too long for here, so I shortened it to mrmiss. I'm mrmisconception almost everywhere else so if you see that name it's probably me.

Fainali, xen, aafte sam 20 iers ov orxogrefkl riform, wi wud hev a lojikl, kohirnt speling in ius xrewawt xe Ingliy-spiking werld.
Mark Twain, A Plan for the Improvement of English Spelling.

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Well, put simply, Amy is my first name, and Renee (pronounced reh-nay) is my second. The phonetic combination is amynay, or amyynayy, because I felt like it Smile
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My first name is Sarah and my middle name is Jone. My nickname was SJ, which seemed so boring, so I spelt it out to esjai. And I use it everywhere I go. I've never run into another one.
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