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I wanted my name to be Blue as a child and I asked my parents to start calling me that. My mom wouldn't, 'real people have real names' was her reason, my dad would sometimes. Hopper because there was a dish network commercial on for the hopper when I was trying to choose a username at ModTheSims and just blue was already taken Bigsmile
Visit me on Tumblr @bluexsims
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Okay so I use ThatAtlasChick for one of my three email accounts but the story behind it is this:

In fourth grade my teacher, he started calling everyone by these weird nicknames. Around that time, I had discovered my love of History and Geography and how good I was at it (HISTORY NERDS UNITED!) so I was eventually given the name "Atlas" as in that book that you look up countries, facts about the world, etc. in.

I would have just used the nickname "Atlas" for that one email account (I use my pen name for the others and just about everything else as I am working on trilogy right now that will eventually kick off my writing career) but it was taken.

So that's how I ended up as ThatAtlasChick. I didn't want to put my pen name on anywhere other than a writing site or my books.

Hmm... I just wonder how macthecat chose her name.
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My username is kind of a twist on my real name, which is Sunniva. The name Sunniva means "gift of the sun" or something like that, and sun i called "sol" in Norwegian.
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When i first had to think about a username (think it was for a Shooter) i decided to pick something that would reflect my love for irony and sarcasm.
And well MsIrony was kind of boring i thought so i ended up looking for synonyms for irony/sarcasm/ironicly and so on. And yeah i picked wry because i had never heard it before. And since then my username has always been and will always be MsWryBigsmile
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My username is Topkung3. It comes from my nickname Top
and kung is a misspelled of kun which follow the Japanese male name.
Imagination is an origin of Wisdom.Chair
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So many cool stories here!
Mine is a bit silly. Once I created a selfsim trying to make her resemble the real me as close as possible looks-wise and personality-wise. However, then I decided to create an "alternative" version of myself just for fun, so I cloned my selfsim and made that clone a witch. Then, i changed her hair and skin to chalk-white, her eyes to red, and gave her a light grey dress with white accessories and boots. Then, I gave that witch an extremely evil personality to contrast with all this whiteness (white is usually seen as symbol of light, kindness, and anything nice, but not in this sim's case). When I needed to choose a username for my Blogger account and my ModTheSims account, i decided to pick WhiteWitch. So, now it is my nickname on all sims-related sites. However, ironically, I am not much into all that magic stuff and supernaturals, though I play with them once in a while.
And that witch kinda selfsim is on my avatar.
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Mine is a REALLY weird story. So it went from Microteai to Sushicorn based on the idea of Flabliki saying how his username was formed (the first 2 things on your mind). But then, I came up with the idea that my name should be the reaction to my designs from people. That was the creation of saywhat! Itwasntme
[Image: july_zpsgvscurgk.png]

simblr @cultsims     tumblr @cultstockholm
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Just Little Queen stylized.Nothing to do with the Dutch child book.
I wanted to call me Simsophonique coming here as one of simblr but I was afraid of the lengh of it.
Sims + phonique because it's original and sound like a music group.
But as I am known in this community under Kweenie since I come in 2009 so I stayed with it.
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Well, my name is Lea, obviously Rofl
Two years ago, I discovered Sandy's Website Around the Sims 3. I was so excited, because I didn't even know there was something like CC and social networks for sim-players! So I commented on Sandy's site and she soon started to call me sweet Itwasntme and that's my username-Story Bigsmile
PS: I love you, Sandy Inlove  giggle
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Awesome all and cute, Lea!

I chose mine because before I became disabled, I was a nuclear/mechanical engineer. I did mechanical work on nuclear reactors.

Every day I'd bring waffles to eat. I'd cook them in the toaster, would sometimes eat them hot, sometimes cold, but always waffles.

So one of my supervisors called me a Nuclear Waffle. So yep, that's me!
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