Ideas creating Mood Boards
I spend lot of time on playgrounds, to pass my time I use an app on my Ipad to make moodboards, either for houses or rooms or film shoots for uni. I was showing off some really simple samples to mac this morning and she thought i should share them with you.

Creating mood boards can be really handy to get down your design ideas for absolutely anything or just collecting images what insipre you for later use.

If you have an ipad you can download the app yourself (it is a pay item though) or

These are the ones I made for my contest before working on the rooms. Yes my rooms look different to those, however I used them to get my thoughts together about what direction I was going to go.

[Image: Photo04-08-2011101234.jpg]

[Image: Photo04-08-2011101259.jpg]

[Image: Photo31-07-2011122024.jpg]

Now most people dont have Ipads etc, so I found some which are web based. and

I specially like the second one as the first seems to be limited to only 2 boards. I have not used either so am yet to try them out.

Few sample pictures from the second web based software
[Image: 41952_original.jpg]

[Image: 42242_original.jpg]

[Image: olioboard.jpg]

However you don't really need a special software, you can simply use photoshop or any other image editing programme. Simply add and arrange your ideas, add some pointers and that can be as simple as that.
[Image: storyblog2small.jpg]
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That's really neat! I'm definitely going to use that!!! Thank you for finding those wonderful programs.
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I love all your spaces Kris; you're so creative! Thank you for sharing.
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Oh that is very handy, thanks for sharing Kris!
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Love this idea! I'm new to the site and have been playing and creating with sims for sometime & now that I want to create and share my mind has hit a blank ! Sadsmile came across this post while trying to find inspiration & am happy to say my creativity is back !!!! yippee Smile

I found a website that creates mood boards etc very similar to the ipad app you use (As I perferred that style & do not have an ipad Sadsmile )! Beeclip

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thank you for this!

I have only been playing sims for a year or so now and I am learning from the ground up. I started playing the game now all I enjoy is the building and interior designs lol. It made me realise that this is something that I wish I could do professionally but...

I joined Olio Mood board and I am going to practice and play around with stuff. Thank you, thank you for giving me an outlet. Living Sims and its users are the best! Truly!

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Thank you for sharing, this will definitely be helpful!
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