LS Extra issue 1 - feedback
Terribly useful. I love it Smile) Thanks for all the hard work folks!
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Wonderful addition to LS! I also loved the Kuler website and it's great to have a reference guide for merging package files.
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I really enjoyed the first issue, I have read it at least 4 times!! Great and useful tips, all is very detailed and carefully done, but that's not a new thing hehe, and well I loved the interactive features :D
I'm looking forward to read the next issue!
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This magazine is wonderful!! Chair The article on s3pe was great.... I use it to merge my packages and had no idea that I could also re-catagorize, re-price and rename etc. with it as well!! Needless to say I spent a whole day going through everything.

Yes on another informative beautifully done magazine!

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Thank you... It's really great for people like me(as in, she's been playing the game for 3 years but is totally clueless) Smile
Could you please do an article on mods/hacks and their different types like script, core etc. ? It would be really helpful.
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I really enjoyed reading through it. I mostly lurk here (trying to change that), but I loved the tutorials for things like merging for the Sims 3 and even the tutorials for the Sims 2 (which I mainly build with still) were very helpful.

If at all possible, I'd love to see some tutorials for objects meshing and things like that. I know that there are a lot floating around, but what I've come across, for TS2 anyways, is that pictures are no longer hosted and/or the tutorials were written with an older version of SimPE and never updated. Plus, different viewpoints help me understand things easier, especially when it comes to technical stuff.

A wonderful addition, overall!
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Hello Everyone,

I am very sorry that this reply is a little late. I have been a longtime lurker, and I wanted to say that I love LS Extra because it has helped me figure out many aspects of working TS3.

If it is at all possible, would the editorial staff consider making LS Extra in .pdf form just like Living Sims magazine?

Thank you for considering my request. Smile
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