My computer died abruptly recently and my harddrives had to be replaced and i didn't get chance to move my cc onto additional harddrives, i@ve got most of my stuff back but i cant ind the simpossible content anywhere and it was some of my fave stuff can anyone help me out me please let me know where i can get it from or anything please


[Image: pphoto.png]
There are a lot of simpossible's sets on simscave

You'll have to fix it for the 1.26 patch yourself.
thankyou, there are still some of the sets like the bedrooms and the mod windows that are not on there that i would like too

[Image: pphoto.png]
I don't know if anyone bothered to fix the mod windows, after Late Night.
I remember trying it and having them crash tsrw. I'll look into doing them again
and let you know if I have better news.

As for the bedroom sets, I wonder if there will be a similar issue in trying to fix the
beds. Some of the files are so old, they won't open/will crash TSRW.
Thankyou, i'm not sure if they will work or not i cant even find them anywhere to download them and try them

[Image: pphoto.png]
I tried to fix the windows in S3PE, but when I opened up the windows in TSRW (to quick check the
alphas,) the alphas completely disappeared. I tried to draw in the alphas and that crashed TSRW.
I was able to edit/fix the alphas in TSRW after I updated them with the rigfix.
So maybe there's hope for the beds too.

Here is the fixed version of the mod window set, only tested very briefly in my game

Thankyou yeah i hope so i really liked those sets

[Image: pphoto.png]
More sets were uploaded here

I don't know if any of the sets were updated for Late Night or Pets, so I guess it's buyer beware.

Do you know the names of the sets you were looking for?
Sorry for the bump/double post, but I thought someone would find these useful
Simpossible furniture(updated for 1.26) here
Have to register and I just can't be bothered with such python humour. Tried to register at MATY once, got it to work but was kicked out later. Now I don't remember.

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