Mixed  Sims Imitate Art (Closes the 29th of March)
Kimberlina, I like how the striped walls continue onto the ground, very creative :-)

admiralxapple, there is something so visually pleasing about those light blue, concrete walls. The rest of the room is great, especially the green and red details, but seriously, I can't stop staring at the walls lol

littlecat, simple yet texutred. I like Wink

Pluck, I'm impressed by how close you got to the old dutch influence. Great job!

Okay, so I took inspiration from Syd Mead, a well known concept artist for futuristic/scifi movies. This is a concept painting he did for Blade Runner. It was the perfect excuse for me to play around with colors! Heidy always welcome

[Image: 2vkn9j8.jpg]

[Image: SimsImitateArt-01.jpg]

[Image: SimsImitateArt-02.jpg]

[Image: SimsImitateArt-03.jpg]

[Image: SimsImitateArt-04.jpg]

[Image: SimsImitateArt-05.jpg]
Fun fact: The bathroom window is the only one you can actually see out of.

[Image: SimsImitateArt-06.jpg]

[Image: SimsImitateArt-07.jpg]

[Image: SimsImitateArt-08.jpg]

[Image: SimsImitateArt-09.jpg]

Added some detail shots over here.
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Pluck: Your first ever challenge entry is lovely. You did a superb job channeling and recreating the spirit of the piece. Heidy I think the last shot with the two chairs and the huge fireplace would have a ton more impact of the fireplace was lit. It would add a layer of warmth, and a little more light to that side of the room. Either way, I think you did a fantastic job!

Vasilla: I had a lot of fun with the walls, and if you're interested in how I did it, I combined Ritsuka's concrete wall conversion (which it looks like you used in your entry) and this pattern.

Anyways on to your entry. Wow. Wow. Wow wow wow. That is such an interesting mix of textures, and layered with the lighting just creates an in your face (in a good way!) futuristic atmosphere. You definitely channeled your inspiration picture 100%. I also like your ingenious combination of a tiki skul (?) and the rod lighting to create a one of a kind art piece.

On a side note... can I just have your CC folder please?
[Image: MarchPOTM.jpg]
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Vasilla, gosh you really nailed that urban feeling and the colors of the lights, I am speachless! It is beyond fantastic! Inlove
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Pluck, well done, you captured the Flemish Renaissance/Baroque style really well.

Unnnngh <- speechless
WOW Vasilia this is fantastic!!!!!
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Vasilla That is so spot on beautiful. Just the perfect amount of clutter and great lighting. Perfect, really.
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Vasilla, wow! I really love everything about this!
[Image: sig_lylim.jpg][Image: lylim.png] [Image: potw.jpg]
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admiralxapple, I thought you might have done some stone layering :D Also, I forget where I got the skull, but yup just put some florescent lights over it and viola! you've got original artwork Rock And actually I did the same thing in pictures 5/6, it's a painting of Darth Vader combined with a neon sign.
Could I get a painting please?
Kiki264, Here is a suggestion. If someone else has another suggestion, please go ahead!

The Persistence of Memory, Salvador Dali

[Image: thepersistenceofmemory1.jpg]

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This is wonderful Vasilla Clap
You did great with colours! I love it! Inlove
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