Winner of Photographer of the Week: November 5th-November 12th
Congratulations to Trophy05 who has won this week's Photographer of the Week!

[Image: Screenshot-314.jpg]

Quote:moxxa wrote:
I love the soft colors in this picture. It gives you that feeling of serenity - sitting down after a long day at work, having a drink and enjoying the magnificent view. I´d point out the choice of furniture and the angle the shot was taken. Beautful.

Also nominated this week were: sixtyten, newshoes, moxxa, Laure, macthekat and admiralxapple. All nominees will soon, together with the winner, be featured on our tumblr where everyone can see which pictures were nominated and what people said about them!

Thanks to annyway, sixtyten, JintyAhoy, moxxa and lylim6 for nominating a picture this week.

Remember if you want to nominate, shoot a PM to this user - POTW - rather than the other mods.

Congratulations, Trophy05! Rock
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congratulations trophy! stunning shot! Party
[Image: goingtodoitannywaysignatur_zpse3257649.jpg?t=1348064923] anny

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Huge congrarts! This is stunning Smile
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Beautiful Shot! Congrats Clap
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Congratulations Trophy! Party
Amazing work! Clap
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Congrats Trophy, beautiful shot! Clap
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Thank you everyone! Moxxa thanks for the nomination. I am on my iPhone so sorry if this looks very clumsy! I feel very honored. All of you are so talented and I find myself so inspired by this forum.
[Image: sig_trophy05.jpg]
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Congratulations. That is a most excellent shot. Smile
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Congrats, awesome shot!
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Congrats Party
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