Winner of Photographer of the Week: November 19th - 26th
Congratulations to newshoes who has won this week's Photographer of the Week!

[Image: tumblr_lv3gdbY76M1r6e08do1_1280.jpg?t=1322155771]

Quote:annyway wrote:
just love the simple beauty of that shot. theres the perfect amount of clutter, everythings totally balanced. it looks so real, beautiful and perfect.

Quote:lylim6 wrote:
I love everything about this photo. The whole set up is very nice and realistic, it just made me stare so much. I love the editing too.

Also nominated this week were: Kiare, beanhugger and Ms_Arbez. All nominees will soon, together with the winner, be featured on our tumblr where everyone can see which pictures were nominated and what people said about them!

Thanks to KatCat, newshoes, annyway, lylim6 and oumamea for nominating a picture this week.

Remember if you want to nominate, shoot a PM to this user - POTW - rather than the other mods.

Congratulations, newshoes! Sun
Wonderful image!! Congratulations. It looks almost real! OMG
congratulations newshoes! Party

just love your stunning shot! Heart
[Image: goingtodoitannywaysignatur_zpse3257649.jpg?t=1348064923] anny

This is such a real pictures WOW. Fantastic Clap. Gratulations!
Congrats, awesome shot!
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Congrats Clap Awesome shot!
[Image: Siggie%20pic1%20web.jpg]
Congratulations! Smile
Congratulations Newshoes! Party

Amazing picture! Clap It is so real and lovely! Heart
Awesome shot, congrats!
Clap congrats newshoes! Your photo looks so real! Love how you captured the lighting.
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