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Sim Next door - Round 2 [Scores up - comments are welcome]
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Sim Next door - Round 2 [Scores up - comments are welcome]
First and foremost, I want to commend you Rubika on your beautiful apartment. I really adore it, especially your garden. It's funny that our colors are so similar, great minds and all that jazz!

Now on to Violet's place: Each room (beside the bath) is furbished with grass-cloth wall covering and bamboo flooring. Feedback is appreciated. Heidy

The Entrance:
The entrance not only displays Violet's bike collection, but also her decorative newspaper collage, recycled glass tile, and rattan mirrors.
(Required Item- Bike & Bookshelves)
[Image: FinalEntry.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-7-1.jpg]

Living Room:
The Living room is outfitted with linen sofas, a reclaimed wood book shelf, lighting fixture & end table, as well as a recycled glass coffee table.
(Required Item- Bookshelf & New Fridge)
[Image: FinalLR.jpg]

Work Station:
Violet's work station is also made of reclaimed wood, and woven rattan. There is a massive amount of desk space to spread out and work, along with additional shelving for Violet's 1st addition books.
(Required Item- Computer)
[Image: FinalWS.jpg]

Master Suite:
In the master, the honeycomb shaped shelves are made of bamboo. The reclaimed wood bed is adorned in both linen and cotton and is flanked by a soft sisal rug (and yes there is such a thingSmile ).
[Image: FinalBR.jpg]
(Required Item- Reading Chair)
[Image: BedroomNook.jpg]
(Required Item-Shower)
[Image: Bathroom.jpg]

The garden is contains a concrete retaining wall that is available for all types of planting. The concrete flooring is colored to mimic the tints of the existing wood walls.
[Image: GardenDining.jpg]

[Image: GardenNook.jpg]

First Floor
Second Floor
[Image: LivingSimsSignature2_zps7ca83cd0.jpg]
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My stuff is finished, but lol I am stumped for ideas about the colour scheme in the living room and bedroom. Sigh!
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Hahaha, Trumpets0ng, there really has to be something with those great minds! We not only used the similar color scheme, but I was also going to use the same bed and that tree shelf in living room Bigsmile I really love your entry, the garden is to die for!

Thank you all for your lovely comments Heart
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Well, 2nd round is really good so far... and inspiring. Can't wait to see everybody's work.

Rubika: God! The bedroom seems so comfy. These soft colors give a feeling of calm and tranquility. And the garden's dining area is so cool, hidden by all these plants!

Trumpets0ng: I love the bookcase in the 1st shot. Your livingroom is quite nice, especially the wall with the tree shelf. I also love the bedroom's layout and the colors work so well together.

Great work both of you!!
[Image: 556260AviaryPhoto130544059074252692.png]
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Rubika: Love the vibe of your house! It feels very elegant, modern but yet welcoming. I especially love the sitting area in the garden.

Trumpets0ng: You managed to keep the house calm and serene but with some lovely splashes of color. Love the branch shelf in the livingroom, very original!
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And I thought orange was difficult to use! Of course I had no idea what to do with violet so... when in doubt make ALL the pillows purple (tee hee).

[Image: 01SimsNextDoorR2-79.jpg]

[Image: 02SimsNextDoorR2-227.jpg]
[1 Reading Chair]

[Image: 03SimsNextDoorR2-95.jpg]
[2 Bookcases]

[Image: 04SimsNextDoorR2-70.jpg]
[1 Computer]

[Image: 05SimsNextDoorR2-213.jpg]
[1 New Fridge]

[Image: 06SimsNextDoorR2-23.jpg]

[Image: 08SimsNextDoorR2-138.jpg]

[Image: 10SimsNextDoorR2-123.jpg]
[1 Bike]

[Image: 11SimsNextDoorR2-199.jpg]

[Image: 13SimsNextDoorR2-39.jpg]
[1 Shower]

More Pictures


I want that backyard. Seriously, it's beeautiful! I'm also drawn to the rustic yet elegant dining area.

That wall/tree/wood bookcase is very cool. I also like the details in the bedroom - the textured walls, the stenciling and the plants Smile
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Here is my round 2 entry:

overview lower level
overview upper level

Hello, my name is Violet, welcome to my home. Please forgive the clutter by the front door. I have my old newspapers ready for recycling, but it was such a hectic week at the hospital that I have not had time to take it out. My re-useable shopping bags however, are always by the front door, this way I can grab them on the way out the door to do my grocery shopping. My bike also is always kept by the front door for easy accessability, since it is used so much.

[Image: Screenshot-1.jpg]

Let me show you around.....
This is the front room/dinning area. The flooring thoughout the house is made of bamboo, as is much of the furniture. I also used only low VOC paints along with energy effiecient light bulbs. During the day I leave the curtains open to take advantage of the natural lighting so I do not need to use lamps.

[Image: Screenshot-2.jpg]

Off to the left here is my office. I spend a great deal of my time in here working on patient files and doing research. It can get a little difficult to concentrate at times, as my new neighbor Deana- a sweet young girl, is quite the social butterfly and does do quite a bit of entertaining, so the volume level can at times be distracting. Ah, but I digress.... let's continue with the tour shall we?

[Image: Screenshot-3.jpg]

Back into the main room and to the kitchen....

[Image: Screenshot-4.jpg]

The kitchen is small, but functional. The cabinets are made of bamboo, and the counters are poured concrete. I don't keep much on the counters. I like to keep things neat and tidy, so I do not care for knick-knacks and clutter.

[Image: Screenshot-5.jpg]

In the backyard, as in the front, I chose to go with hard landscaping. I did not want any grass that needed mowing which gives off emmissions. The plants I do have are indiginous to the area and so require little care.

[Image: Screenshot-6.jpg]

If you will please follow me to the back of the yard, this is where I have my solar panel which was well worth the cost! I keep my recycling bin back here along with a barrel to catch rain water to water my plants when they do need it. Also, I have a compost pile. I do use it every so often on my plants, and I do have a few friends who love to garden and they come by to pick some up.

[Image: Screenshot-7.jpg]

On to the upstairs shall we.....
This is the only bathroom and there is only a shower, but this is perfect fore me. Less water waste since I keep my showers to less than 10 minutes and I have also installed a low flow shower head.

[Image: Screenshot-8.jpg]

This is my bedroom, and here is one of my greatest pleasures, my books! I do however feel better about my reading habit since purchasing my e-book! No more need for the paper and less demand to cut down trees!

[Image: Screenshot-9.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-10.jpg]

Well, I do hope you enjoyed your little tour. It was a pleasure having you!
[Image: sig_tiki.jpg] [Image: mayPOTM.jpg]
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These are all superb! loooove

Rubika, You made the place look so big, I am impressed! I really like your layout for the garden.

Trumpets0ng, All those shelves are so cool and they really fit in there.

Vasilla, that looks so real! I especially like the office, so cool!

tiki5872, another great office! And a little library, with the ipad! Clever indeed.
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Oh wow! Everyone's entries look so fantastic! I am planning on finishing my up and getting the pictures done tomorrow, just some finishing touches left Smile
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Here's my round 2 entry! I'm loving what I've seen so far and I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone elses entries!

Violet believes that being "eco" doesn't have to mean being a hippy! Recycling and "upcycling" furniture doesn't have to mean it looks like crap! She wanted a relaxing living area, and opted to use reclaimed wood floors, natural fibre wallpapers on the walls, with a colour scheme of calm greens & creams with bold splashes of her favourite colour! Upstairs is a more zen affair, natural cork takes pride of place as feature walls in the bedroom, paired with lots of locally produced wood panelling for the walls in both the bedroom and bathroom - why not, right?

[Image: SND_R2_01.jpg]

[Image: SND_R2_02.jpg]

[Image: SND_R2_03.jpg]

[Image: SND_R2_04.jpg]

[Image: SND_R2_05.jpg]

[Image: SND_R2_06.jpg]

[Image: SND_R2_07.jpg]

[Image: SND_R2_08.jpg]

[Image: SND_R2_09.jpg]

[Image: SND_R2_10.jpg]


[Image: awesims-sig.jpg]
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