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Sim Next door - Round 2 [Scores up - comments are welcome]
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Sim Next door - Round 2 [Scores up - comments are welcome]
Hello friends, first I must say all the entries are wonderful, so creative and different!
But now I need to post my entry, I'm afraid I'm last.
At first I thought about what "eco-chic" is, I think it's more "chic" has become as 'eco'.
See for yourself...

Living room with book shelves on left side

[Image: screenshot111d9w3bufr60.jpg]

[Image: screenshot112xbcia2yoqm.jpg]


[Image: screenshot203i5ryu4sgd6.jpg]

Reading chair with other book shelf

[Image: screenshot1585wxfvszia4.jpg]

[Image: screenshot117iapok93ec8.jpg]

Again kitchen and fridge

[Image: screenshot122fszjtc4uvi.jpg]

Shower and washbasin

[Image: screenshot2160fi8yzu4ex.jpg]

[Image: screenshot402dsa61borxq.jpg]

The garden is a little runs wild, as a doctor have Violet not much time for it

[Image: screenshot176rc48dejlwh.jpg]

Who is the bike?

[Image: screenshot1531ne0w67l52.jpg]

Overview 1

Overview 2


Have a nice day!! bye bye bye
[Image: 34hgsd5.png]
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Forgive my picture taking skills, it's the one MAJOR issue I deal with currently.

Violet's front yard is filled with cacti because it takes less water to maintain:
[Image: FrontView2.jpg]

Front Entrance. Wall is full of her achievements as she is ambitious:
[Image: Kitchen-Entrance.jpg]

[Image: Entrance.jpg]

Kitchen with new Fridge (notice Violet's name is spelled out on the wall?):
[Image: Fridge.jpg]

Sitting room (bookshelf 1):

[Image: livingroom3.jpg]



[Image: Office1.jpg]


Small Green House:
[Image: Screenshot-25.jpg]


Violet eats outdoors and sometimes likes to use her eReader near the pond watching the fishes that she uses to also feed herself.

[Image: Dining.jpg]

Bathroom with Shower:
[Image: Shower1.jpg]


Bedroom with Bookshelf and Reading Chair:
[Image: Readingchr.jpg]

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Weeeeew!! So glad I got this done before the deadline (and before I threw my laptop out the window).

So here's my take on Violet's house. As a doctor, she wanted somewhere she could relax after a long day at work and feel pampered. However, being an ever faithful eco-warrior, she wanted it to be decorated using a blend of both up-cycled classics and new, sustainable pieces.

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First I would like to say that I love all entries I`ve seen so far, you guys are amazing Smile

And here is mine humble entrie:

Garden overview
Bedroom overview

Livingroom overview
Required items: shower, 2 bookcases, new fridge
[Image: Screenshot-94.jpg]

Entrie hall
Here she keeps her magazines and her family tree pictures
[Image: Screenshot-32.jpg]

Most of Violet`s furniture is made of old wood, renovated or custom made. Foe example, her dining table is from a local fleemarket, dining chairs she fond from her grandparents attic and she had them renovated. And all of her rugs are made from wool (her grandparents have a sheepfarm and all of her wool items are their presents to her).
[Image: Screenshot-35.jpg]

Dining area and reading nook
Required items: 2 bookcases, reading chair (and if you look carefully you will notice also a bycicle)
[Image: Screenshot-125.jpg]

Required item: new fridge
[Image: Screenshot-99.jpg]

Her Bedroom
She uses only natural fabrics and materials. She loves wood because to her it is warm and cozy. Her mattress is made of bamboo, her pillows and planket are made of wool and coverd with cotton fabrics. And her rug is also made of wool (remember her grandparents?)
[Image: Screenshot-73.jpg]

Violet`s working space
Required item: computer
[Image: Screenshot-60.jpg]

Garden resting nook
[Image: Screenshot-109.jpg]

Required item: bicycle
[Image: Screenshot-39.jpg]

Garden reading nook
This is her favorite place, when she is tired from working, she comes here to relax and to read a good book.
[Image: Screenshot-114.jpg]

And more pictures here
A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge Heart

[Image: krissuliin_doty_2013.png]
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Wow! I'm so in awe of these entries. They are all spectacular.

Kewtfase, I am particularly taken by that winding water feature through the garden! Me likey! :D
"The Harbour: The scandal continues in this TS2 epic about the lives and loves of the residents of Christophe Harbour"
[Image: xPM27.jpg]
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I have only had a chance to quickly glance at everyone'e entry, but I think I might have did mine wrong LOL. Oh well, too late now. This isn't exactly what I wanted, but I was having so many crashes I had to stop.

Violet's bedroom: The bedding is made from all natural fibers such as cotton, linen and wool. She reupholstered an old headboard. The clock on the wall is from a yard sale. (Rumor has it that it was the original clock from the Simville train station.) One side table is an old native drum. She is looking for another on for the other side, but until she finds one she is using a table she created from reclaimed wood. There are 2 cabinets that she got from a friend who wanted to get rid of them. She just freshen them up with a new coat of environmental friendly paint. She is using an old bench as a shelf for her books. The one thing she did splurge on was her dresser. It is an heirloom piece handcrafted by artisans in a small village. The bathroom has tile made from recycled glass. The flooring is concrete and blinds are bamboo. She replaced the windows for bigger ones to allow more light in the room to save energy.

[Image: o86qe1.jpg]

[Image: 33v281e.jpg]

[Image: 120mhb5.jpg]

In the front entrance way, Violet used 3 old crated as a storage unit for her shoes and purses. Above that she had a friend make interesting coat hangers from an old piece of reclaimed wood and hooks.

[Image: 30ldrx3.jpg]

In the kitchen, the cabinets are made from bamboo with natural stone as counter tops. Her table and chairs are all recycled furniture. The bench is an old church pew painted her favourite colour.

[Image: 15x5ls0.jpg]

Her office area is separated by an old barn door. She found a couple of bookcases at the landfill. They are a little rusted but she thinks it goes well with the barn door. She used more reclaimed wood for her desk area.

[Image: 315gx1x.jpg]

The living room area consists of 2 loveseats with cotton slipcovers. The dresser she got at an antique shop. The old trunk that she uses as a coffee table was a find from her grandma’s attic. The flooring for the main floor is coloured concrete.

[Image: 24g5emg.jpg]

[Image: v5zbdf.jpg]

Grass needs a lot of watering, especially in warm sunny areas. So to conserve water, Violet removed all the grass. She planted some trees to shade the house and reduce the need for air conditioning. She purchased some old benches from a second hand shop and decorated them with some lovely pillows. She made a small little reading area with a couple of bamboo chairs and an old tray converted to a table. She also grows some fruit in pots. Any extra she donates to the lunch program at the local school. A rain barrel collects water to water all her plants. She has a few different bikes that she rides, depending on where she is going or doing. Near the gate there is an area where she has a couple recycling bins and stores paper that she bundles up for recycling.

[Image: 2eoxthd.jpg]

[Image: 33m8i6v.jpg]

Overviews and other pictures are posted here.

Good luck everyone!
[Image: POTMseptemberBRIDELYN_zpscb173613.png]
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Violet loves to go Op-shopping in her time off work to find new things for her home. She often find things that are in need of a little love and enjoys seeing them restored and fitting in well into her home. She has recycled timber and a large roll of old fabric to give her walls a little personality instead of using new materials.

[Image: W1vBN.jpg]

Front Garden
[Image: vnQyY.jpg]
Required: Bicycle

Entry Hall
[Image: Nrrmc.jpg]

[Image: vvnhP.jpg]
Required: New Fridge

[Image: G86i0.jpg]
Required: Reading Chair

[Image: LaQwG.jpg]
Required: Computer, Bookcases

[Image: 9spzt.jpg]
Required: Shower

[Image: WmSjV.jpg]

Violet has a lovely garden and even grows her own vegetables!
[Image: rda9O.jpg]

[Image: epmYG.jpg]

Ground Floor


Second Floor

The Album can be found here.

I can't believe I made it to Round 2! :D Lovely entries everyone! Mine's a little rushed since I only had a day to complete it since I was away all week! The lighting is awful but I'm too tired to fix it up. I might if there's still time left in the morning. :C

I love my garden. c:
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Downstairs overview

Upstairs overview

Garden overview

Living area and Kitchen: 1 new fridge, 2 bookcases, 1 reading chair, 1 bike

[Image: Screenshot-6.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-10.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-14.jpg]

Bathroom: 1 shower

[Image: Screenshot-11.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-13.jpg]

Bedroom: Computer (plus an extra bookcase and reading chair!)

[Image: Screenshot-15.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-18.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-16.jpg]


[Image: Screenshot-24.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-27.jpg]

more pictures

Heidy please, I'm not quite pleased with this entry. Sadsmile
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Someone is cutting it closed this time...

The round has now closed!

Scores will be up within the next 48 hours.

I am really impressed with all of you, especially the gardens. I am glad we are not just judging the gardens because then it would be totally impossible to pick the best one.
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Wow this just gets better and better! And harder and harder to judge! I am super impressed with all these entries. I'd love to see you all go through to the next round Sun

Carly78, very mature and beautiful. I especially like her desk area.

admiralxapple, Wow what a creative use of doors in the garden! The entire apartment is so inspiring.

Peachy, I love the light woods and the natural colors in there. It’s very calm and chic!

kewtfase, Aww I love you gave her pets! It’s very eco chic and the yellow kitchen pops.

HannahJo, The green looks absolutely great with the violet. It’s a beautiful home you made!

Adiboo, I love that kitchen! The small apartment looks really spaceous. The darker purple is so yummy.

IoaneSky, oh you made a green house, that’s so cute. Your place has a lot of personality.

lou ellen, I really like the darker colors, it’s stylish and cool.

Krissuliin, the plant art is so great for her! It fits her very nicely

Bridelyn, wow her bedroom is so spaceous! It’s impressice how big it looks.

Trapiki, That garden is so vivid! I can really see how the nature plays it’s part in the apartment.

Breila, The wallstickers behind the bed is so perfect! And I love the Moroccan arch in the hallway, it gives the place an edge.

I wish you all the best of luck Happy02
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