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Sim Next door - Round 2 [Scores up - comments are welcome]
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Sim Next door - Round 2 [Scores up - comments are welcome]
Sarah, Ooh I really like the texture for the ceiling! And I just love the pic where you can see the sceleton, it made me laugh "sceleton in the closet" Bigsmile Great combination of woods!
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aww Sarah, it's just beautiful, I love the pale colors, and yes recycled doesn't mean crap indeed.
And nice idea about the skeleton, now we know it's a doctor's house. Bigsmile
Nice garden too ! grasshopper
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You guys are doing so well on this challenge. Some lovely ideas working out the space to fit the sim. What I find most intriguing is that everyone is blowing me away with the backyard. I say it'll be nice to feature these in the magazine, for outdoor patios/yards. Something like that. Smile
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Great 2nd round entries everyone!! I haven't had a chance to look until now ... finally finished Round 2 JFF Smile Looking forward to seeing more 2nd round entries from those that are still in the competition. Good luck on this round everybody Smile
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O M G!!!!!

I love love love all of the entries!

I am struggling here with the camera lol, but I am done! Finally. I am going to upload my pix tonight or in the morning. I am tired of playing Sims!

Good luck everyone!
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First of all, let me say how shocked I am that I made it through the first round. I thought there would be no way I would make it with all those amazing entries. Second, this round has some amazing talent! I have no idea how you guys do it.

Here is my apartment for Violet. I am not totally happy with it but, my computer was lagging and I was just getting frustrated. So here it is.

Violet is very ambitious and spends more time at work then at home. But, when she is home it is nice to have a cozy, inviting space to come into. The wall are a rich brown to make the space very warm and there is lots of storage because Violet is very neat and hates messes. Throughout the house, there are many candles to light the house in order to preserve energy. There are also very few window coverings in order to take andvantage of the great natural light.

[Image: Screenshot-804.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-820.jpg]
Required item: New Fridge

[Image: Screenshot-799.jpg]
Required item: Computer
Violets offfice space where she stays up late many nights working and studying. Her desk also shows off some of her accomplishments.

[Image: Screenshot-811.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-779.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-782.jpg]
Required item: Bike
Violet loves to spend her free time reading out in the sun.

[Image: Screenshot-788.jpg]
She also grows many of her own vegetables.

[Image: Screenshot-835.jpg]
Required item: Shower

[Image: Screenshot-826.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-829.jpg]
Required item: Two Bookshelves
Required item: Reading Chair

Ground Floor
Upper Floor
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DONE. SO DONE. I have no idea if I grasped the "eco-chic" style at all... but I'll offer explanations for some of my design choices.

color palette (1st picture)

Violet Dunham

Upstairs : Downstairs

[Image: Screenshot-1270.jpg]
New Fridge

Violet chose to use salvaged wood floors throughout her home, and the wood on the walls came from a responsibly managed lumber yard.
[Image: Screenshot-1283.jpg]

Natural fibers on the couch, and a reclaimed trolley table:
[Image: Screenshot-1287.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-1265.jpg]
Reading Chair and 2 Bookshelves (and an Architectural Portfolio functioning as an E-Reader)

[Image: Screenshot-1257.jpg]
1 shower

Large Work Area: Violet was able to find used built-ins at a garage sale which she uses as storage under her desk and to display her textbooks from school.
[Image: Screenshot-1317.jpg]

A cool tidbit on the chair: It's made from recycled airplane parts!
[Image: Screenshot-1315.jpg]
(Violet had a copy of her diploma blown up and framed)

Since Violet has the neat trait, her nightstand is very clean. She usually sets her E-Reader there when she's done reading for the night.
[Image: Screenshot-1253.jpg]

Violet repurposed old doors she found at several thrift stores as an interesting backdrop to her backyard entertaining area.
[Image: Screenshot-1307.jpg]

You can kind of see a bit of Violet's saltwater pool... a more environmentally friendly option.
[Image: Screenshot-1304.jpg]

Summary of Violet's eco-friendly finds: Lots of windows increase air circulation, cutting down on the need for heating and cooling. Her rugs are vintage handwoven kilim rugs that she found at a small consignment store. Reclaimed wood floors, and trolley table. The lumber on the walls came from responsibly managed forests. The cabinets feature water based glue, and no formaldehyde. Her desk chair is made with metal from a scraped airplane. Her pool is a saltwater pool.

If you're curious there are more pictures in my album. I'll make a post of my thoughts on everyone's entries after the round closes tomorrow! Good luck everyone :]
[Image: MarchPOTM.jpg]
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This one was definitely challenging! I had a lot of fun coming up with fun eco ideas though. Smile

Overview 1

Overview 2

The Living Room
All the pillows are made from recycled materials, mostly coffee bags.
[Image: Screenshot-50.jpg]

The Office and Reading Nook
[Image: Screenshot-37.jpg]

The Kitchen
[Image: Screenshot-22.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-26.jpg]

Recycling Center
[Image: Screenshot-8.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-30.jpg]

The Bedroom
The walls are bamboo and the carpet is grasscloth.
[Image: Screenshot-63.jpg]

The Bathroom
The trough sink is made of recycled glass and concrete.
[Image: Screenshot-60.jpg]

The Garden
There are several rainwater barrels to conserve water.
[Image: Screenshot-11.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-4.jpg]

Practically Peachy in Every Way
growing Sun Bigsmile
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My Album
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Everyone's entries are so inspiring! I can't wait to use some of the ideas on my own sims' houses!

Violets apartment has bamboo flooring and a lot of concrete elements. My overall approach was a sleek, modern space with recycled accents.

[Image: Screenshot-24.jpg]
Required item: Bicycle

As soon as you walk in the door you see a table made of stained wood from an old crate, and some retro lamps Violet found for cheap at her local thrift store.
[Image: Screenshot-105.jpg]

The colors in Violets kitchen might seem too vibrant to some, but she loves how much energy she can get just by walking into the room. She found the two lampshades on the side of the road, and spruced them up with a coat of black spray paint. The tin ceiling was going to be thrown away by a local deli, but Violet saved it from the trash.
[Image: Screenshot-121.jpg]
Required item: New Refrigerator

[Image: Screenshot-112.jpg]
Required item: Reading Chair

[Image: Screenshot-692.jpg]
Required items: Computer and 2 Bookcases

Violet's bedroom is the perfect place to relax after a long day at work. Having a fireplace in her room makes her feel like a queen, even if she would never light it.
[Image: Screenshot-26.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-20.jpg]
Required item: Shower

Violets favorite part of her house, by far, is her back yard. With a pool in the shape of a stream, a little cluster of fruit trees to read under, and even a 2 story windmill, being in it makes her forget that she lives in a city...
[Image: Screenshot-15.jpg]
[Image: Screenshot-141.jpg]

Especially while taking care of her two favorite animals, Mary and Floyd.
[Image: Screenshot-29.jpg]

For more pictures, including more Mary and Floyd cuteness, click here.

Level One
Level Two
[Image: simsplicitysignature_zps3db8cbbb.png]
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[Image: 2544195f.png]

[Image: 6-1.png]

[Image: 8-1.png]

[Image: 3-1.png]

[Image: 2-1.png]

[Image: 9-1.png]

[Image: 5-1.png]

[Image: 7-1.png]

[Image: 4-1.png]

[Image: 1-1.png]

Level One
Level Two

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