How Fixing CC Beds after Pets Patch with S3PE.
How to convert Sims3Packs to .package format.

You will need the Sims3pack Editor (s3pe) tool from Simlogical here.

After you have installed s3pe click on it to run.
Mine was located in my Start Menu/All Programs/s3pe

Click File and then Open.

[Image: step8witharrow.jpg]

Locate where you have placed your package files. I placed mine in my New Folder folder on the desktop.

[Image: step9witharrow.jpg]

Select the file you want to fix and hit open.

[Image: step10witharrow.jpg]

Find the _RIG resource and remove it from the package. Do this by right clicking and selecting Deleted.

[Image: step11witharrow.jpg]

Find the VPXY resource and right click on it. Select the Edit VPXY feature to open the editor.

[Image: step12witharrow.jpg]

This will open a new window. Now click the TGI Blocks button.

[Image: step13witharrow.jpg]

This again will open another window. Find the entry for the _RIG.

[Image: step14witharrow.jpg]

Change the Instance value to 0x9F161663179CC6D0 Hit save. This will close this window.

[Image: step15witharrow.jpg]

Hit save again. This will close this window.

[Image: step16witharrow.jpg]

You will be asked to Commit Changes. Click Yes.

[Image: step17witharrow.jpg]

Now this is where things get messy. It may seem overwhelming at first but once you get the hang of it its rather simple.

Find and select the RSLT entry. Click the Grid button at the bottom.

[Image: step18witharrow.jpg]

This will open a window called Data Grid. Click Chunk Entries to expand the list.

[Image: step19witharrow.jpg]

Click [0]Chunk Entries to expand the list.

[Image: step20witharrow1.jpg]

Click RCOLBlock to expand the list.

[Image: step21witharrow.jpg]

Find and select Containers. You will see a small box with ... at the right hand side of it. Click that box.

[Image: step21witharrow.jpg]

This will open a new window that contains the slots of the object. For this example the object has 4 slots numbered 0-3. We are going to add extra slots to allow for the new pet animations. Click the add button at the bottom.

[Image: step23witharrow.jpg]

You should now have 5 slots numbered 0-4.

[Image: step24.jpg]

We need to edit the slot you just added [4]SlottedPart. Change the following to:
1. SlotName = 0xBA00174D • BoneName = 0xD0DECA8E • SlotPlacementFlags = 0x00000000
2. X = 1,0,0,0
3. Y = 0,1,0,0
4. Z = 0,0,1,0
Then 5 click the add button again to add the next slot.

[Image: step25everytihng.jpg]

You should now have 6 slots numbered 0-5.

[Image: step26.jpg]

Again we need to edit the slot you just added [5]SlottedPart. Change the following to:
1. SlotName = 0xBA00174C • BoneName = 0x47D5577D • SlotPlacementFlags = 0x00000001
2. X = 1,0,0,0
3. Y = 0,1,0,0
4. Z = 0,0,1,0
Then 5 click the OK button again to save it. This will close this window.

[Image: step27witharrow.jpg]

Click the Commit button. This will save it, close the window and take you back to s3pe.

[Image: step28witharrow.jpg]

Click File and choose Save As...

[Image: step29witharrow.jpg]

Make sure to rename the file so you do not overwrite the original. This way if something went wrong you can still go back to the original and try again. Click Save.

[Image: step30witharrow.jpg]

And you are done. You should now have a fixed version of the bed. Now go test it out in game Smile

[Image: step31.jpg]

Note: Some CC beds will already have a correct rig instance number but not the extra added slots, in that case just skip step two.
Some CC beds will already have the extra added slots but the wrong rig instance number, in that case just skip step three.
The result will still operate correctly.

(Thank you Grant Hess over at Sims 3 Stuff n Things)
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Thank you so much!!, but i have a question can i also fix other type of furniture, like desks, chairs, etc etc...?

Thank in advanSmile
[Image: 10z4gsz.png]
Everything else is easily fixed with the rig fix tool. Check this thread out
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