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Skilled Reduce the White glare - Sims 3
Glare on white horizontal surfaces is a real problem in sims 3.

One solution is to turn off reflection under graphic options in your game. Not elegant but it does work. If you are running on a low end computer, this might be your best option anyway, since reflective surfaces put a strain on your computer's graphic card.
You can also stop taking daytime pictures of rooms with white surfaces, not a good solution either, but that also works.

I will however show you a few tricks that I use in my game to minimize the glare if not completely remove it.

Before picture
[Image: Screenshot-402.jpg]

Now that is pretty bad isn't it? Lets start by doing the simple thing...

Turn the intensity of the light in the room down from Normal to Dim, by clicking on the lamp (or ctrl-clicking in buymode).
[Image: mackat_111.jpg]

This reduces the glare quite a bit:
[Image: Screenshot-404.jpg]

Now turn off some lights - here I turned off the two lights closest to the camera.
[Image: mackat_108.jpg]

Better right?
[Image: Screenshot-405.jpg]

My last trick is to re-CASt the surfaces to a light grey instead of pure white. I never use a white lighter than #DDDDDD and often use a darker.
[Image: mackat_109.jpg]

This gives us this result, which I am quite happy with.
Final Result
[Image: Screenshot-406.jpg]

Some people are also using the flame setting...
[Image: mackat_113.jpg]

...but I don't like the inherent orange light it gives, though it does often reduce the glare even more.
[Image: Screenshot-408.jpg]
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These really are very helpful tips! Thank you, Mac!
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I've always played with the light intensity, and occasionally changed the light color to flame, but I never thought of changing white surfaces to gray. Nice tip!
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