Guide How to nominate for Photographer of the Month (UPDATED 4-18-2013)
If you see a picture posted this month that you think is just awesome, then you can nominate it for Photographer of the Month. Anyone may nominate a picture.

The only requirements are:
  • You can not nominate yourself
  • The picture has to have been posted during the current month
  • The picture should be design related (sorry no pictures of landscapes are allowed)
  • POTM is from the first day of the month until the last day of the month

How do I nominate someone?
  • When you see a picture you would like to nominate send a Private Message to POTM
  • Make sure you send your nomination to this user which was created especially to receive POTM nominations
  • In the PM clearly state who it is you are nominating and link to the picture, you can do this by right clicking the picture and selecting "Copy Image Location"
  • You should also include where the picture came from (ie which thread/post) to do that right click on the post number at the top right of the post and select "Copy Link Location" as shown below
  • Please explain why you nominated the picture.
  • And that is all you have to do.

[Image: mackat084.jpg]
(ignore the Danish browser interface)

Can I nominate more then one?:
!: Yes, you may nominate as many pictures a month as you like. But remember, if you nominate say 5 pictures from the same person that they are not only competing against other members but themselves for votes as well Smile
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