Searching for paintings, light and conversions.
It's me again. I have few stuffs I need for my legacy. So here they are:

[Image: tumblr_mdnv2le3n81rnucd8o2_1280.jpg]

1 This poster

[Image: tumblr_mf1a7zelo31rr0kqjo1_500.jpg]

2 The knit pattern on the guy's pullover. [FOUND]

[Image: tumblr_mbno58pjsl1rnucd8o3_1280.jpg]

3 The guitar player poster [found]
4 the postcards and letters on the wall [found]
5 the carpet. [FOUND]

[Image: tumblr_lyfhard4d91rnslg0o4_1280.png]

6 This lightbulb -


[Image: joanna2.jpg]

7 I know this is a sims 2 picture, but I was wondering if there is a conversion of the lightbulb to the sims 3? I used to love that lightbulb so much.

[Image: caleb6.jpg]

8 Also is there a conversion to the sims 3 of this hair?

I'm also searching at the moment and I know it's a pain to look for items, therefore thanks everyone in advance Happy.

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#3 Guitar Player poster - I could be wrong but I think that is part of the Teen Poster Gift by Awesims that can be found in the LS Downloads area
(It does uncannily look like Ken from L'Arc~en~ciel LOL)

#6 It's not the same one but as you are looking for con/versions of one Cyclonesue has made bare lightbulb lights Pay
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#4 are from Cyclonesue @ TSR:
[Image: Tumblr2_zpsdfb5b075.png] [Image: And_zpsa212a345.png] [Image: Blog2_zps6ca24dc1.png]
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No it' not the same lightbulb, I have Cyclonesue's installed in my game, the electric string isn't as thin, cyclonesue's looks bulkier, and it doesn't have the switch string to pull for turning on/off the light. I sent a message to the owner of the picture but unfortunately I think he's on hiatus.
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SummerGirl - Are you still looking for the outstanding items or can we move this thread?
[Image: Siggie%20pic1%20web.jpg]
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#2 pattern in part of a sweater:

5# here:
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