What To Do With Boring ol' Ceilings.
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I haven't really been active on this forum since I joined. And I guess that it's time for a change Handshake
Now, I've been working on a house for a BPS Contest. And in my rooms I've noticed one thing. The ceilings are just plain, old and boring. I need some suggestions. What should I do with my ceilings?! It's driving me crazy.

Some nice cc & a bit of guidance would be very much appreciated. Thankyou! I have some pictures of the room I'm working on Smile

[Image: Screenshot-74-1.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-75-1.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-76.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-77-1.jpg]
Excuse the image quality, it was in a bit of a rush Chair
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You could add beams like these or these. As your room looks a bit "exotic" dark wood beams could match.
Alternatively you also could make the ceiling wooden like flooring (but not both wood and beams) Smile
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You can put any flooring on the ceiling so you can use wooden tiles (like I have here), hardwood (like here), or ceramic tile as used in the kitchen or plaster like in the bedroom (here) .

If you keep the colors subtle any of these could work in this room.

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Some ceiling ideas: http://pinterest.com/macthekat/wonderful-ceilings/
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I think in that particular room, I'd pull the color from your accent wall partway up onto the ceiling. Whenever I remember my ceilings (I often don't!) I usually use the "simple flooring"' tiles and CASt them to something different.
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Thank you for all of these ideas!
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