mech's album
Thank you Smile

And I got my CMT finished.

Here are some outtakes that didn't make it to the entry:

[Image: 28_zpsad02ecd4.jpg]

[Image: 25_zpsb6d15a62.jpg]

[Image: 2_zps7b62e07a.jpg]

[Image: 3_zpsf6011e6e.jpg]

[Image: 5_zps7736b893.jpg]

[Image: 6_zps1846ea47.jpg]

[Image: 16_zps6f11387a.jpg]

[Image: 17_zpsa58ddb3c.jpg]

[Image: 18_zps1d56ffbe.jpg]

[Image: 19_zps99c2150b.jpg]

[Image: 4_zps3b909d77.jpg]

[Image: 12_zps728134ae.jpg]

I couldn't stop taking pics of those beautiful EA, that's why there are so many screenshots of the water spouts Bigsmile (I think I took about twenty more Blush )
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LOL I love their fountains too, one of the best things they did right out of the gate. Smile
[Image: banner_services.jpg]
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I didn't know they were so beautiful! I hadn't even used them before (and in the way they are used in EA lots they often aren't that exciting...I guess, now I have to build my sims a public pool with fountains, slides and other things :D
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More pretties! And I look forward to seeing that public pool Bigsmile
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Beautiful! Everything in your album is just beautiful. I absolutely love that loft.
[Image: SimGirl54.png]
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That's just gorgeous! I love how the colours almost melt into eachother. The lightening is also superb!
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Wow! I don't even know where to start! Should I start with the quality of your builds, or the quality of your pics? Or maybe I should start with the quality of your attention to detail, maybe the quality of your download folder (as immense as it must be)? I think my brain just shut down...wonky
All kidding aside (the truth is, I'm not kidding at all, I'm just saying what I really think in a overly dramatic way), I lost track of a WCIF list, but I'm curious to know what some of your favorite cc sites are, you seem to know of several I've never seen. I love the feel of your spaces, I would live in any of them in a second! I love your color palettes too...Fantastic job!
[Image: POTM_november_Von_zpse4ad3b63.png][Image: JanuaryPOTM_zps7fb18853.png]
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Wow, thank you all so much Heart what a nice thing to find such lovely comments in my album, I'm really happy you like my stuff Smile

@VonNdaSun: Thank you so much for your feedback, made my day Smile Let me think...favorite cc sites...the truth is, I have many, and yeah, my CC folder is waaaay too big Bigsmile I adore Luna's stuff, though I often only use a few of her creations in one lot, but these are a kind of centerpiece, because they are so unique and brilliant. I couldn't live without Awesims furniture and Around the Sims' clutter. I also have a ton of files from BPS in my game...But these are sites you probably know. I'm happy to answer any WCIF Smile
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I'm currently building a small house for a family of three: A recently divorced mom with a teenage son and a pre-teen daughter. I'd like to show pictures of the already finished rooms. I kept them simple - no fancy color/light filters.

I call it The Turquoise, as I chose turquoise in many shades as the main accent color - it's the home owner's favorite color and she wanted fresh colors for a fresh start in her life. The house has three stories (but build on a really small lot) with a garage and the boy's room on the ground floor, a livingroom/kitchen, bathroom and the girl's room on the first floor and the mom's space on the second floor.

I did the living area with open kitchen first, here's an overview:

[Image: overviewliving_zps77a43dc0.jpg]

As you can see, it has three stairs (one from the entry downstairs, one goes from the living room directly to the boy's room downstairs and a spiral one upstairs), which took quite some space - I tried using the spiral one as a divider between living and dining area.

[Image: turqu4_zps847769e0.jpg]

[Image: turqu3_zps3db99a2a.jpg]

[Image: turqu8_zps01a6c86a.jpg]

[Image: turqu16_zpsae0826b0.jpg]

The home owner wanted a modern kitchen with simple counters and cabinets and lots of space to store cooking clutter - and for her beloved collection of colorful coffee mugs:

[Image: turqu18_zps94e0e03a.jpg]

[Image: turqu17_zps49473545.jpg]

[Image: turqu25_zpse3734fed.jpg]

In a corner is also place for a small shoe rack and the phone:

[Image: turqu14_zpscca44b9a.jpg]

Currently, she's preparing breakfast for her family and a guest (her daughter had her best friend over for a slumber party Wink )

[Image: turqu23_zps52f83e74.jpg]

[Image: turqu7_zps5ef897c3.jpg]

[Image: turqu15_zps251c68ce.jpg]

almost ready Smile

[Image: turqu5_zps02e2387b.jpg]

Behind the spiral stairs I placed the TV and books of the family, which leads to the sofa area of the room:

[Image: turqu1_zps0c001690.jpg]

[Image: turqu20_zps12d0a996.jpg]

[Image: turqu21_zps06e1ccf0.jpg]

[Image: turqu2_zps171cceb4.jpg]

[Image: turqu13_zpscfc0ae5c.jpg]

A bold pattern for the beautiful chair to make it an eyecatcher for the room, as well as the modern art on the brick wall.

[Image: turqu9_zps823055b9.jpg]

Finally a view from outside the window (I have no idea why the ceiling is so black from shadows, I actually gave it some nice cream panels ):

[Image: turqu10_zps5a09406e.jpg]

Uh oh, I'm afraid I got a little picture-spammy AGAIN Blush
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I LOVE all the details, and the colours as well. The coffe mugs are a great little thing to make it more personal. Smile
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