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Perfect Pallette
[Image: 126.jpg]
I am looking for the bathroom caddy next to the sink.
1. Caddy [Found]

[Image: 132.jpg]
Also looking for the desk fan
1. Fan [Found]
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Here is the desk fan
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Awesome! Thank you so much Smile
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The caddy is sims 2 I believe
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It is Sims 2, but I think I have seen a Sims 3 conversion somewhere. Tho I can't find it for some reason.
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If you happen to find the caddy, that would be awesome Smile I'll keep trying to find it myself somewhere online as well.
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The S2 caddy was released some months ago at I think, but they were removed by the creator along with all their CC (can't remember their name, sorry. Some S2 player will probably recognise it in a heartbeat). Personally, I have never seen a S2>S3 conversion, but there's this that you might like.
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The caddy is from ATS located here.
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Yay! Thank you so much Smile
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