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How Do I Get Into Build Mode?
I have never played Sims 4, so I need help on how to get into build mode.
I always go directly into CAS, and I can't find an option to skip creating a Sim first.   Shake
Any help would be much appreciated.
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Unfortunately you can't. Its not like TS3 where when you first started up the game you could choose to Edit Town.
In TS4 you have to create your family then place them in the world and once you have that done you can then enter the manage world option. OR you can open a previous save and go straight into Manage Worlds.
Its a real pain and I really don't like the way they have it. What also annoys me is that every time I start a new game to build and choose the same family for my testers it leaves a copy of them in my library! I had 15 copies of the same family in there at one stage, just ridiculous!
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Oh gosh you would think by now that EA would know what players want, Sims 3 was so easy compared to Sims 4.  I believe we can't recolour either, that's a backward step as well.
Thank you so much Kem for your invaluable information, I really thought my game was broken even though I'd never played it.
I hope putting CC into the game isn't going to be as confusing, as starting it up.

haha watch this space Thinking  no doubt I will have more questions.
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