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WCIF - some items from Ruby's house
[Image: 30j1kj5.jpg]
a) the plants on the blacony
b) the door [found]

[Image: 2ntg5de.jpg]
c) the box shelf above the microwave [found]

Thank you guys!
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Pic 1: Can it be this door?

Pic 2: Box is HERE
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(08-06-2015, 09:51 PM)viikiita Wrote:
Pic 1: Can it be this door?

Pic 2: Box is HERE

Thank you Viikiita Smile
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The door is from Mutske, it's available on TSR.
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Did you ever find the plants on the balcony Beica?
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i am pretty sur the name is deco plantes pour murs Rimona
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