Waffles Go in Twos (Sims 2)

So mmmyesssss. (Nigel Thornberry voice)

I have decorated some in Sims 2, and I am by NO MEANS proficient at it, but I like it.  

First I've made some housing for my Sims 2 simself... My mother-in-law said she wants to live in my sims house, but she kinda has to say that or she'll make her son's wife cry XD


[Image: sims2fritoliving3.png~original]

[Image: sims2fritoliving1.png~original]

I don't remember why I took this picture but here:
[Image: sims2fritoliving2.png~original]

[Image: sims2fritobedroom2.png~original]

[Image: sims2fritobedroom1.png~original]

[Image: sims2fritokitchen1.png~original]

[Image: sims2fritokitchen3.png~original]

[Image: sims2fritokitchen2.png~original]

[Image: sims2fritokitchen4.png~original]

[Image: sims2fritokitchen5.png~original]
[Image: lssiggy.png~original]
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