Feedback Issue 37
What were your favourite articles?

Which ad did you like best?
Is there anything you would like to see more of?
Do you miss any article series?
Anything else?
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OMG! It was a challenging one, but it turned out simply awesome! My fav is 10x10Smile
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What a beautiful and interesting issue! I even can't say what is more interesting for me... I will read it from cover to cover. You did a great job. So beautiful pictures... Thank you very much! Sun
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I have to congratulate the staff on issue 37. I really appreciate being able to read the interviews and put a real life personality with the player.

Amazing photos and awesome talent out there.

Thank you again for this issue, it is one of my favorites!
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I love the new issue. Tons of beautiful pics and loads of inspiration. thank you
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I've just browsed the latest issue and my God! You guys keep doing such an amazing job! It's been many years since I've read the Living Sims magazine (real life pulls you away really hard, sometimes, right?) and I am so happy to find it as good as ever! Thank you for an amazing job! And for linking us to so much inspiration, delicious pictures, amazing creators, converters, recolorists and their mouth-watering creations.
ººGal from Rioºº
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I just want to say thank you to everyone who works on the magazine, you always do such a wonderful job and put so much time and effort into creating this amazing mag for us all to enjoy, so thank you! Heart

I found time to read it properly last night whilst waiting for some packages to finish merging, and I have to say, its hard to pick just a favourite part of the magazine. I always thoroughly enjoy reading the Handy Andy & Ask Dina articles and admiring the transformation, and I enjoyed reading about the staff and learning a bit about you guys too Happy
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