Application for Layout Designer
Hey I was reading your Magazine and saw that you are looking for layout designers so I wanted to take up the opportunity and apply.

Your age: 19

What job are you applying for?

Advertisement Layout

What strengths do you have to offer the magazine?

This is a hard one to answer because I guess we really don't know our strengths until they get pointed out to us. But I do work hard and always put in 110% into what I do as well as being a strong asset to any team I consider myself very creative with a bubbly personality.

What are your weaknesses in this regard?
I guess I can get obsessive over things and often makes it harder to really concentrate on the set task.

Why do you want to be a part of the magazine staff?
I am very familiar with the magazine and I am a real fan. I love to decorate and design houses in the sims so this magazine addresses that as well. I always wanted to join something with a sense of community as well as working with some amazing designers.

How do you feel about constructive criticism?
Helpfull I guess although at first I worry but it will be added as reference to whatever I do next.

Please tell us a little about yourself.
Well graphic design is a hobby of mine (I've done a small course as well) I really do love the sims though and have been playing it from Sims 1 back in 2004 with Sims 4 being my favorite game in the series. I'm currently a student and I study marketing (Kinda helpfull when creating advertisements). I mainly take part in modeling my sims as well as in game photography. I've done various competitions mainly on the sims forums. I really hope I can get this opportunity and I know I will put everything into it. 



[Image: 2ilzom0.jpg]
Received Awards:
Thank you for your application, Lmary98. The editorial staff will look it over and get back with you very soon.
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