Mixed In the Sky 2.0 (Closes: September 28th)
I picked Clark & Imani as my clients for this project (I had to replace some of their items since I don't have Get Together). I used the idea of bohemian modern as my style for them, since they are both creative and romantic. The exterior features a raised bed with local plants.

This is Sims 4
My bloom effect is kind of going crazy in game - esp. outside. I don't know how to reduce it. This is my first time trying to decorate for sims 4, and it went pretty well (although some items like to randomly go into my inventory sometimes...). I think I like the building/decorating in this game better than sims 3, but I sure miss stages.

See more pictures at my tumblr

[Image: Ywe2lbs.jpg]

First the Garden/Roof Patio
A view of the rooftop garden. Part of the roof patio has been converted into raised beds and planted with local grasses & wildflowers
[Image: gPCMqtO.jpg]

A view from one of the raised beds
[Image: TO5RvOX.jpg]

The roof has a small succulent  garden, which doesn't require much water.
[Image: wAonld7.jpg]

A fire pit for them to snuggle up next to during cold nights.
[Image: wSYDKJs.jpg]

Now the Interior:

Clark is cooking something for lunch today:
[Image: j3UjHYQ.jpg]

A small colorful dining nook:
[Image: 9iUSClU.jpg]

The living room is filled with bright colors, patterns and natural woods.
[Image: HkZXnqm.jpg]

Bedroom includes some exposed brick and a walk-in closet
[Image: 72uoL6Z.jpg]

Finally, the bathroom includes a walk in shower (not shown), a large soaking tub and him and her sinks.
[Image: 4pJkorC.jpg]
[Image: RhNWB9Mh.png]
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Eronoel, that is beautiful - I especially like your garden!
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@eronoel: I love, love, love your succulent garden and the colors you used in the living room. It's such an inviting place!
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Lovely @Eronoel the outdoor area is to die for!!
With regard to items randomly going into your inventory, I find that is usually happens with the objects placed with MOO, when I change the walls or flooring :/

I'm coming back (hopefully tomorrow) with my pics. I've just recently learnt to make objects for my game, and I've created heaps for this challenge lol. My game also crashes all the time, slowing my progress Sadsmile
[Image: mhwnsx.jpg]
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@riekus13; I Love the  style and monochrome color pallet you have used. It is very stylish.

@Eronoel; That is a very lovely garden, I absolutely love the raised flower beds, how have you done that? The garden and the apartment really match each other.

I started doing this challenge weeks ago, and with the garden. I got a bit side tracked and started to like doing the apartment more, and then in the middle of the build the game started crash for me, therefore it might feel a bit unmatched the styles of the garden and the apartment.

But here comes the pictures for the domestics apartment/garden;

[Image: 11_zpsmdufsosy.jpg]

[Image: 12_zpsefeq3kvi.jpg]

[Image: 1_zpsy5lyjulj.jpg]

[Image: 13_zpsnbbs7twx.jpg]


[Image: 20_zps0sdhbrzo.jpg]

[Image: 22_zpslrr62y3q.jpg]

Living room; 

[Image: 42_zpsfrqa4scl.jpg]

[Image: 40_zpsgjfurzeq.jpg]


[Image: 60_zps1w5l33fq.jpg]


[Image: 31_zpsq3qu5dkd.jpg]

For more pictures and a overview see album, any comments are welcomed  Heidy

Link to album; 
[Image: SeptemberPOTM.jpg][Image: Enla-June2014_zpsidpja4wv.png]
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@Enla just beautiful! so calming

I chose the Party Girls for my TS4 entry, but I've tweaked their story a little, they're lovers, not just room mates now, and the apartment has one bedroom!
Open plan kitchen and living areas open onto the party deck, where zones are set up for hosting the perfect party. For the bedroom, home office/DJ room and bathroom I wanted to create a more intimate, but still dramatic look with black painted walls.

Heidy please

[Image: tumblr_o4bf7oSQT51s4po2io4_1280.png]

[Image: tumblr_o4bf7oSQT51s4po2io1_1280.png]

[Image: tumblr_o4bf7oSQT51s4po2io6_1280.png]

[Image: tumblr_o4bf7oSQT51s4po2io3_1280.png]

[Image: tumblr_o4bf7oSQT51s4po2io5_1280.png]

[Image: tumblr_o4bf7oSQT51s4po2io10_1280.png]

[Image: tumblr_o4bf7oSQT51s4po2io7_1280.png]

[Image: tumblr_o4bf7oSQT51s4po2io9_1280.png]

[Image: tumblr_o4bf7oSQT51s4po2io2_1280.png]
[Image: mhwnsx.jpg]
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Green-Girl I lover the edgy primary colors you have used, it makes the whole apartment look really nice and fresh. The billfolds doors extend the dining and living room out to the outdoor place... Heart
[Image: SeptemberPOTM.jpg][Image: Enla-June2014_zpsidpja4wv.png]
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The color palette is so cool @Green-Girl and you made some great furnishing choices. The folding doors is a great touch and I'm going to need to steal that idea for something sometime Nod .
Visit me on Tumblr @bluexsims
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The deadline has been extended to Ongoing for the Summer and the participant list has been updated.
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hi, I really would like to give this challange a try but I cnnot find the house Sadsmile
just to clarify... I have to look in the game's gallery(sims 4) #livingsims

I have custom content enabled but I still cannot find it - Am I missing something?

Thank you! Iris
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