Huge WCIF from rubyred part 2
[img]http://[Image: 13_zpsajo6acgd.jpg][/img][Image: 13_zpsajo6acgd.jpg]
11. sofa -

[Image: 19_zpsrruu3kwe.jpg]
12. sofa -

[Image: 22_zpsiurdjnyo.jpg]
13. dining set -

[Image: 22_zpsgnptgblg.jpg]
14. bed -

[Image: 23_zpsowu1gx60.jpg]
15. hanging ribbons -
16. hanging paper -

[Image: 24_zpsfhxrnkld.jpg]17. wall decor -

[Image: 27_zpsfwcuq3fn.jpg]
18. wall decor -

[Image: 28_zpsucpuspxe.jpg]
19. bed -

[Image: 29_zpsbvxtlpyl.jpg]
20. I don't know if its a wall or the windows but I'm looking for the thing where the decor (books, plants) are standing on

Thanks in advance
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Wooooo this find is full of gorgeous stuff.

The pirate ship bed is from the Generations expansion. Unless you mean the duvet and pillows on it, then no idea. The bed doesn't come with them, but the frame itself is from Generations.
[Image: lssiggy.png~original]
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Sofa #12 is here 
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11. Sofa - this one by wondymoon

15. and 16. - they aren't the exact ones, but you can check  here and here

18. Wall decor - again not the exact same thing, but ATS3 just made some very similar pinboards - here

20. Fake wall - it's all one piece by Severinka
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Number 19 is two separate pieces: the headboard and the mattress. The headboard you can find here and as for the mattress there are a bunch without headboards out there like this one, for example Sun
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