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Hey all,
It’s my sister's birthday next month and she is coming home as she have 10 days leave. So I thought why not give her a surprise birthday party. I know she won't be expecting any such surprises for her ,as we haven't celebrated her birthday for past 4 years. Was planning what would I give her as a gift. She loves diamond rings and so I thought I would buy her a ring. I haven't bought any such things before ,so don't have much knowledge about the rings. I discussed with my friends about it and they suggested me with , but I dont know more about it. If anyone has experienced with it please give suggestions? Does they cost high?
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Hi there! In my experience, you can find some super well-priced rings on Etsy if you search for it. Only thing is, they might take a while to be made.

My husband got me a rose gold and moonstone ring for our sixth anniversary from a seller on Etsy... our anniversary was May 29th but it didn't arrive until early July as the artist had to make it and ship it.

But if you can get her a card or something and she doesn't mind something belated, you can find some amazing stuff on Etsy that also supports small businesses! Also as most sellers make their rings to order, you have a better chance of getting a fitted ring. For example, my jewelry store only had sizes in whole numbers, but my finger is too big for a size 7 and too small for an 8. With the Etsy seller hubs went through, he was able to get me a size 7.75 that fits perfectly, so there's that.

Generally, diamonds vary in cost for the karat. Like a 2 karat diamond is gonna be hella expensive. My best advice would be to get her something with another stone, like a tanzanite or amethyst, with very small diamonds framing it. Or a sapphire, peridot, heck, get her one of her birthstone framed by small diamonds! My mom got me a peridot (my birthstone, August baby here) surrounded by some small, low-karat diamonds and she got that for like, 50 US$.

I have a diamond engagement and wedding set that no longer fits me so I put it on a chain and wear it as a necklace. My thyroid literally died (got attacked by my immune system) and when your thyroid messes up, first thing that happens is you gain weight, so the rings no longer fit. They are about 1 karat of diamonds, and 24karat white gold... cost $600 a long time ago and is probably even more now.

So not only do the diamonds matter, but the material the ring is made of.

You don't want to do anything nickel-based because that'll turn her finger green at best, and at worst, give her an allergic reaction. Be careful of gold plated because the gold will rub off and it's usually nickel underneath. Gold-filled is better as it's mixed into the metal. Silver is nice and pretty but is very soft and can distort, tarnish, and just all around mess up a bit.

I hope this helped!
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