Mixed Spotlight on Color 3.0
Sims 4

[Image: 2yni3i1.jpg]
So I got this color but it was hard to get the exact one since I'm playing with sims 4 but I tried to get as close as I could to this color, so I hope it's close enough Wink

[Image: 33op79z.jpg]

[Image: 169qj69.jpg]

[Image: 2lo6ats.jpg]

[Image: folp3r.jpg]
Hope you guys like it Rofl
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I'd like a color please!
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I can't do mine. I was fiddling around for ages but I hardly have anything of that colour in my game and I'm not very good at coming up with my own ideas.
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All so fabulous. I had gotten frustrated when the latest toddler patch caused glitches that made me afraid to go back in and ruin everything, and my yellow room was so close to being done. I am glad to see that the deadline has not passed and that I still have a chance at this. I hope to get things back up and running over the course of the week and get this one done finally.

In the meantime, gorgeous spaces everyone.
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[Image: 17155294_1389078374446741_49259734559293...e=593C7F24]
This worked out nicely towards completing a home for one of my Sims couples who needed a spare bedroom / AirBnB room for guests and out of towners. I am inspired to finish off with a matching bathroom I think.

[Image: 17156203_1389078417780070_61896133671077...e=593B98A0]

[Image: 16939653_1389078527780059_11923907387799...e=59382BB9]

[Image: 17098565_1389078541113391_35840573661701...e=592AEAC7]

[Image: 17155521_1389078424446736_69435996976331...e=5972AC41]

[Image: 17098599_1389078471113398_31449845727523...e=593604AF]

[Image: 17156309_1389078477780064_10864185247472...e=5971EEDB]

[Image: 16938448_1389078507780061_51911269347148...e=592CE295]
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Minraed - Nicely done!   Yes
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Gorgeous work Min <3 I love yellow, by t can be hard to decorate with. You've pulled this together georgously though.

May I please have a color?
[Image: mhwnsx.jpg]
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Thanks guys. I really love this colour scheme.
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Wow Minored that is very yellow I think you'd need to be a very switch on Sim to sleep in that room. Yellow does create a very sunny and bright atmosphere, great work.
[Image: Iot645y.png]
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Very talanted works here.
@Allears, you color is so beautiful and you made very fresh and lovely interior with it.  And in my favourite Bridgeport Inlove

My entry. This time I made a special bedroom for a special family. As always  Heidy 

[Image: alchemy_zpsjewppc0f.png]
[Image: Screenshot-1136_zps1b2f55ab.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-1135_zpssypf8sxc.jpg]

[Image: Screenshot-1134_zps1jl2wixk.jpg]
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