Exterior Seeds of Design 3.0 - The Outdoors [Closes March 28th]
Love the atmosphere in your pics, Minraed!

More coffee here...but no lattes this time.

[Image: CoffeHues_150.png]

It became more of a garden than a patio...

[Image: ScreenHunter_4974%20Jan.%2009%2023.15.jpg]

[Image: ScreenHunter_4980%20Jan.%2009%2023.19.jpg]

[Image: ScreenHunter_4975%20Jan.%2009%2023.16.jpg]

[Image: ScreenHunter_4977%20Jan.%2009%2023.17.jpg]

[Image: ScreenHunter_4976%20Jan.%2009%2023.17.jpg]

[Image: ScreenHunter_4979%20Jan.%2009%2023.18.jpg]

[Image: ScreenHunter_4978%20Jan.%2009%2023.18.jpg]
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Thank you Riekus, and yay! I was dying to see another one of these show up. This is so serene. I am a big fan of natural environments and the deck and pond are perfect touches. I love seeing TS2 like this also. I didn't really get into the power of what the Sims could do until TS3 so I am blown away that TS2, after all of this time, still is possible for creating such beautiful scenes.
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