Martine's Cottonwood Hills WCIF: Tesla Research Facility, Pt2 (5 of 9 items found)
The rest of the WCIFs I had for Martine's Tesla Research Facility in her Cottonwood Hills world, as a part of the comprehensive WCIF project I'm undertaking for Cottonwood Hills.

I have all EPs installed, but no stuff packs... I do have Master Suite and Diesel, but I am quite sure that nothing was used from either of those packs, so it's entirely possible that some of the things that I am looking for are from Stuff Packs.

As I have said before, I would like to please ask that the hijacking be kept to a minimum, just to make things go easier and quicker. Rest assured I will share the full WCIF list on my own blog when it is complete, and that I will be posting a link here as well!

[Image: RdzEemES1wi0Wh-j8pVQ-UXKZ_oLLj2zcDxV_FBJ...15-h311-no]

1. Decorative box on shelf.
2. Decorative jars.
3. Brain in what looks to be a bell jar.

Items 1, 2, and 3 are evidently a single item, from the Movie Stuff Pack. Thank you to PurpleHaze for this information, as well as for numerous other tipoffs!

4. Books on file cabinets.
5. Animal skull on file cabinets. It seems to be the "skull" part of the mesh separated out from the store "Gothique Skull Chest" decor item.

[Image: yh5X_Arf8G18lEnGs4RzHUciftivH_-EXC7hKnfl...02-h253-no]

6. Alien figurine.

[Image: l4kXy-hi2TlSnhK7A-J8vpuq1LaCHYoA1EPO81sz...48-h336-no]

7. Picture in wire holder. FOUND, here at Around The Sims 3.

[Image: Dqk0MM2g6SJL8GcMKCcIsgOB3h3Ii0hauqqiJjo8...59-h146-no]

8. Graph paper pad with pen.

[Image: dCtO64Jjbn-G2yYLnHluQxc6aFP9AYPkwZBWmQrU...62-h197-no]

9. Wire Pencil Holder FOUND, part of an old BPS set ("Around a PC") by Louma. Backed up here
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Hi again, 1 2 & 3 is all one item called "The Doctor's Spare Parts" and is one of the items in EA's Movie Stuff Pack.

Number 5 could be this EA item:
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