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[font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]Hi! I’m new to this forum so if my questions aren’t ok, just tell me Smile anyway, I’m playing a sort of vampire family (a vampire mom whose got 2 children but baby daddies are not in the picture, and her male best friend who lives with them and has adopted the kids as guardian, don’t remember what it’s called). So, my issues are as follows:[/font][/font]
  1. [font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]Last time I played, it seems all their need bars are stuck on green. While it’s cool to have happy sims, it’s gonna make for a pretty boring game eventually. How do I fix this?![/font][/font]
  2. [font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]Both dads were human but I still had 2 vampire children. Is there any way to influence it so as to increase the chance of getting human children?[/font][/font]
  3. [font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]Is there any way to increase the chances of having kids with a certain gender?[/font][/font]
  4. [font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]When I try to go to other worlds and choose “manage worlds” it’s just grey and I can’t click it. It wasn’t like this before. How do I fix that?![/font][/font]
  5. [font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]I want one of the kids to become a vet, can I have her work in Brindleton Bay while still living in Forgotten Hollow (I want her to live there so I can still play the whole family as it’s not possible to move her out and still play all of them).[/font][/font]
[font=.SF UI Text][font=.SFUIText]I’ve tried googling these things but it’s not really gotten me anywhere. Thanks in advance!!![/font][/font]
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