[FOUND] Martine's Cottonwood Hills WCIF: Random Lots
Big Oak Park:

1. This leaning parasol:

[Image: Qsp2SqmqO8aP_Lv9g6qqIi4edYT7_x_1Lslsoiic...Ss=s506-no]

Found: I'm a dunce and I didn't realize this was from the game... BASE game, too.

Magnolia Leisure Centre:

2. This glass bowl with pebbles and a flower in it:

[Image: Lin_47tAFi8qEWax0EK3WyJ4YFHBEjPNGBDBRSGb...79-h210-no]

Found (sorta?): This seems to be from ccathie / cathilark who unfortunately seems to have taken down the original download links and not reuploaded the items to her new tumblr.

3: This painting on the wall of the spa:

[Image: lpqx4LIgqQ8xeE56TZgW-opGW_B8Nnusosm4_duB...26-h244-no]

Found: http://one-plumbbob.tumblr.com/post/5716...ws-1-bonus

Fire Station:

4. This Sunset Valley map on the wall:

[Image: kSTkccAN2fUrag47o18K47GXfF7dT2VMwA5WtdC_...39-h329-no]

Found: from Around The Sims 3’s first school set.

5. This rug:

[Image: puYuj36CmSMCQPZ43NCP7JIUDWLFPyaWp8tPnbub...49-h187-no]

Found, by Baufive here.

6. These landscape paintings:

[Image: wUK2lLMHgbWKjfMzjIw7tJwtFDiPMxFH321PqgDO...69-h277-no]

Found: http://martinessimblr.tumblr.com/post/66...-this-post

7. This phone (also used in the Cottonwood Hills Library, if I'm not mistaken):

[Image: w1mql080MJSrAFzi10Vyl_qvBMv_8DArBtg4YZm6...02-h227-no]

Found, sorta: Martine attributes this to Baufive, but he comments to confirm that the mesh is in fact by 8x3 atelier, and he made changes for personal edits back when he didn't know the provenance of the mesh. It won't appear in the place of the phone that Martine herself used (since Bau's edits apparently changed the instance id), but it will be the same mesh.

There is also a conversion of the same mesh done by Milla, and that looks more similar to Bau’s version. I prefer to use this one.

Buckthorn Bend:

8. This cardboard floor mat... it looks like it should be a rug, but I'm thinking it's actually a "plant", since that's what it gets replaced with in-game.

[Image: FO1Tp_vRkhauqwriZbf7BUj0BXgWYcmiqkau3Xae...52-h126-no]

Found: http://martinessimblr.tumblr.com/post/64...-shops-but

9. This newspaper floor mat. Like the above item, this seems to be a sculpture and not a rug.

[Image: wMmfVkJ2ivhAAUP8U9m2kAXKSD4iph6-c9D-0p-a...05-h126-no]

Found, from Zedrael's "Hobo Life" set here: http://www.simlogical.com/ContentUploads...oads/1773/
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This is what I've found:

1. looks like Base game beach umbrella, 40 simoleons in misc decor.

2. is a conversion of Sims 2 Harmonious Center Piece object. I've got this one by ccathie/cathilark, but download links seem to be deleted.

4. Map on Around The Sims

5. looks, to me, like 6. swatch of this rug: Baufive

9. Here? Newspapers in clutter
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